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6 better Web Apps: To create On-line Creative computer graphics

6 better Web Apps: To create On-line Creative computer graphics

One of the best forms is the computer graphics of presenting information of creative and abridged form. On-line you can find dynamic computer graphics, interactive computer graphics and computer graphics as file of image or file PDF.

The hardware that I am going to present next has hundreds of examples of computer graphics with staff editables that you can use to create free from any navigator and in some cases to discharge apps for your cell phone Android or iPhone.

CANVA – creative computer graphics free

He designs your computer graphics by means of the big variety of staff that Canva has for you, you do not have need to learn to use complicated edition programs, only you choose the design that more you like and add the content as it indicates you to itself.

If none of the staff paid your attention, you can design one from zeros, thanks to two million icons and figures that this platform has at your disposal, it integrates images, text, it changes the color of the source, it discharges, shares and prints your project on simple formats like JPJ, PNG and PDF.

He adds bar charts, circular and linear, to represent numerical values and information that in a list are usually bored of seeing, also, adds professional images of any topic with only a clic.

ADOBE SPARK POST – computer graphics Staff

To design its computer graphics, select a staff full of figures and styles predetermined to save time and to do the much easier process, nevertheless, Adobe Spark Post, it offers to him the possibility of creating a staff from zeros, thanks to the big variety of elements, colors, funds, text and sources that help to satisfy its needs.

He believes its computer graphics choosing the size that he wishes, the most descriptive icons that mate to what he wants to announce, I added proper images or of the platform, I wrote text with sources and color personalizables and finally share or unload its project with format JPEG or PNG.

Adobe Spark Post gives the option to personalize every element that contains the computer graphics, until the this user in accordance with its edition.

PIKTOCHART – Creation of on-line computer graphics

He believes computer graphics without need to be an expert in design and in the use of programs advanced to generate big projects, with Piktochart it can realize graphs, importing only the information and personalizing its design like you want.

Gain access to thousands of icons and images free without license tariffs to give him life to its staff, in case the predetermined options have not been of its taste, also, he can share its computer graphics straight in its social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or unload them and keep them in its computer.

The creativity has no limits, for this reason, Piktochart, has staff designs for all kinds of users, be already selling, companies, government organizations and microbusinessmen who want to execute marketing plans without any cost with the same quality.

VISME – Examples of computer graphics personalizables

It uses hundreds of staff, elements, pictures, graphs, widgets of information, maps and flowcharts to create your computer graphics completely personalizables thanks to its interface intuitive to find everything in the same place.

This platform is completely sure and as support they have big users like PayPal, IBM and Uber Freight, for what if he wants to realize projects of private form it can do it protecting them with a password.

Design with million icons, interactive graphs and multimedia functions with hardware of privacy and collaboration, unload its computer graphics in high resolution and in PDF or even in HTML5 with finished interactivity.

INFOGRAM – to Create or to use computer graphics staff

He believes computer graphics and reports in minutes, thanks to the predetermined staff that infogram it has for you and hardware to create designs from zeros.

Realize animations of objects and geometric transformations like doing zoom, bouncing, rolling over, disappearing and sliding gently on its work and even publish its content in line.

It establishes possibilities of collaboration, visualizing information in real-time from a library with all the members of its team, also, it allows to restore previous versions of its projects, in case it has committed undesirable errors in the current one.

Measure the interest metric ones, showing a report detailed about all the persons they have shared its project.

FREEPIK – to Unload computer graphics Designs editables

It is an engine of search that helps to locate images, files and creative, very useful illustrations to realize projects. Here you can find computer graphics design editables in programs of graphic edition.

Find over 1 million infographics with exclusive designs and a high range of colors to make designing more fun than it looks.

Download, save, brand as favorite and share the design that you have liked most in all your social networks, in addition, most of the content of this platform is free for personal or commercial use with attribution

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