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Microsoft Edge: 10 Functions and Tips !

Microsoft Edge: 10 Functions and Tips

These are a series of new functions that are coming to the navigator Microsoft Edge. A navigator who is integrated in windows 10 and windows 11, but that you can use in other devices as Android, iPhone, Mac or any other version of Windows.

Across an account of e-mail of Microsoft you can synchronize the information and this way extract the whole potential with the functions that I am going to describe you next.

To use the collections to keep ideas

It uses the short cut of keyboard Ctrl+Shift+Y or touches in the icon of + that is in the directions bar. It pulsates in creating a new collection and starts by adding linkage, chosen text, dragging images or to create a new rapid note.

If you want to rearrange these articles, in spite of dragging and releasing it can do it. If you want to eliminate some element, do a right clic on the above mentioned element and it pulsates in eliminating.

On having pulsated in 3 points, you can he can export and keep its collection in office, send Pinterest or open all the elements in new eyelashes.

To use the reader built-in PDF

Edge has a reader of PDF incorporated into functions of note and highlighted. On having opened any file PDF, you will have a series of hardware in the top part:

  1. To read aloud
  2. To draw or to highlight text with colors.
  3. To see content table or to use sight of two pages.
  4. To create Applications with web pages

MS Edge allows you to create a web application for the web sites that he visits. This way you can open straight from its office and its navigator has not to open.

To create a web application, it opens the web page and pulsates in 3 points that one finds in the right top corner and select applications. It pulsates in installing this web site as an application.

To generate Codes QR

Edge has a generator of codes built-in QR that you can generate for any web site and then unload the QR in format PNG.

With the open web page that you want to share, click in the directions bar. This way the QR icon appears in the directions bar. When I click in him, it generates a code QR without any type of complements or extensions. Now you can take an apprehension of screen of code QR or unload it like file PNG.

To capture web pages

With the function of web apprehension you can capture pages and do notes on the same one. To take an apprehension you are going to go to 3 points and select “Web Apprehension” or can use the short cut of keyboard Ctrl+Shift+S.

This will show a small hardware bar. You can capture a certain area or create a web apprehension of the whole finished page with scroll.

To use multiple profiles

The profile functionality is similar the Chrome profiles. East allows you to have profiles for personal use or I work separately. It is an excellent way of maintaining its favorites, kept passwords and privacy in general separately.

In the right top corner, it will see its user's icon. You click in him to gain access to the configuration of its profile or to create a new profile stay to be synchronized with its mail account for other devices.

Apart from the profiles that you believe, it has one called "guest" who can be used by another person and does not want to keep any type of information.

To solve mathematical problems

Edge has a problem solving function mathematicians that by defect it is deactivated. In spite of only selecting the problem, Edge provides the result and the solution to you for steps.

To activate this function You must go to 3 points – Pulsate in “configuration“ and go the section “Appearance“. It activates the button of solucionador of mathematical problems. When you light them, you will see a small button solucionador of mathematical problems along with the favorites' button.

To prove it, you click in the solucionador button and then drag it about the exercise that you want to solve. You click in "resolving" and this way you will have a window nearby lefthander with the detailed solution.

To use the manager of tasks to stop processes

When the navigator becomes slow or does not answer, or you can identify the web site or extension that is causing the problem across its integrated manager of tasks.

To gain access to him, click in 3 points, then pulsate in “More hardware” – Select “manager of tasks of the navigator” or use the keyboard short cut: Shift+Esc.

You will see a list of all the processes of eyelashes and extensions that are executed in this moment in your navigator. To close a process, only you have to of selecting it and then it touches in the button “to Finish process”.

Group Tabs

Organize all tabs by group so you can navigate productively according to the topic you are looking at.

Right click on the open tab and choose "Add tab to new group." Give the group a name and color to identify the tabs of that group. Repeat the process with other tabs or drag them to the group name.

Now you have a function of grouping and expanding the tabs easily and of course you can create several groups of tabs to organize better.

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