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10 tricks for Windows 11 that you must know guys

10 tricks for Windows 11 that you must know

These are a series of characteristic and new functions of windows 11 that you must know. With the new windows updates 11, are penetrating hardware and functions that will make the use of your PC more useful with windows 11.

To complement the windows installation 11 in your computer, you can look at this top of the best programs for windows 11.

To copy and you stick more rapid

Instead of using the short cut of keyboard Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and to give every element, it presses Ctrl + C first with all the elements that you want to copy and then Windows + V climbing vine to be selecting and to giving the elements (Text, linkage, images) from the portapapeles of Windows.

Ctrl + C and Windows + V

To add your favorite folders the menu Initiated

Windows 11 allows you to anchor in a special paragraph your favorite folders of the following form:

Windows presses the keyboard short cut + i

It joins the personalización section – pulsates in «beginning«.

In the section folders, it activates the folders that you want to add how short cut the menu initiated.

It notices: The network folder allows you to gain access to the teams connected in your network and the personal folder it is the user's folder.

To convert images to PDF without programs

It uses the function to print to turn one or several images into a PDF document.

It selects the images that you want to turn.

Do a right clic and choose to "print".

In printer, there selects «Microsoft Print to PDF» – fits the size of the sheet and the quality.

In the right part of the verana of impression, choose a design if you want to create a Collage.

Touch in the button to print and name him the document.

To create a short cut for any folder

If you have a folder that you open often in your work or study, you can create a short cut of rapid access.

Do a right clic on the favorite folder – Pulsate in «showing more options» – In «Sending to» – choose «(Office) to create direct access».

Do a right clic on the direct access that you have just created and pulsate in properties.

In the eyelash «direct access«, it sees where he says «key of brief method» and here it establishes a key combination to open this folder.

To execute the elimination tool ill-disposed software

Windows presses the keyboard short cut + R and in the picture to execute, he writes mrt. It pulsates in continuing and chooses «rapid analysis».

Windows ill-disposed software will execute the elimination tool in your PC in search of potential threats.

To use the Dictation with automatic punctuation

In the previous version, windows 10 was allowing you to do a dictation, but it was not including the punctuation.

To prove this function, it opens any text application and presses the keyboard short cut: Key Windows + H. This opens a dictation Tool. Click in the gear assembly icon to go the configuration and activate the new function of “car punctuation”.

Finally click in place where he is going to begin writing, it presses the microphone icon to begin listening to your dictation.

To activate the Multiple Offices with personalización

In the tasks bar there is an icon for its virtual offices. When you spend the cursor on the icon, you show yourself the created offices and a button + to create a new office.

On having done a right clic in one of the offices, you can personalize it. This is something that could not do in windows 10. You can change the name and add a few emojis pressing the keyboard short cut: "Key windows +;” to insert an emoji.

Also you can choose a different fund for every office and change the position to move it towards the right or left.

To sail or to happen from one office to other, it uses the keyboard short cut: Ctrl + Key windows + Arrows of left and right.

To manage the windows with Windows Snapping

On having Spent the Mouse cursor on the icon of maximizing a window, you obtain new adjustment suggestions. There are suggestions for posicionar the window in a part of the screen.

There are 6 possible windows adjustments. The cursor on one of the adjustments, one changes to the posicionar to blue color to locate in this point the current window. You can combine with 2 or 3 windows.

To take this feature to a next level, download the Microsoft application called: Power toys (for windows 10 and 11). Power toys allows you to create your own grid design with the number of windows you want.

Group multiple windows by program

This function is related to snapping. When you have multiple browser windows distributed on the screen with snapping. Windows saves that group the application icon. Just hover over the program icon and you'll see a window called Group |..... and the other individual windows.

When you click the group, windows restores the entire group back to the screen.

Edit the Windows 11 Widgets pane

The inclusion of Widgets in the Windows 11 version is a small memory of Windows 7. To the left side of the screen appears the weather information, where when passing the cursor you show all widgets.

There is plenty of useful information related to weather, finance, football results, recent news and more. All widgets can be customized by clicking on the 3 points. Resize, position, or remove the widget and add whatever you want.

Use the secret start menu

This new menu started is not as well known. Clicking the start button on the taskbar opens the type of windows menu with recent apps and anchored. But if you right click on the windows start button, you get a secret menu with direct access to system functions and tools.

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