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10 advices to reduce the expense in the information tariff in the smartphones Android

10 advices to reduce the expense in the information tariff in the smartphones Android

Nowadays, practically all the users of a smartphone have employed a tariff of mobile information that allows them to get connected to Internet from any place from its devices. In contrast to the connections to ADSL and Fibre to Internet, these information tariffs are usually limited, being able to sail only generating a month a certain quantity of traffic, after which, one will charge from us of more or the impossible use of certain applications one will reduce the speed to us up to making.

These tariffs of mobile Internet are limited, nevertheless, there are many applications that make an excessive use of them that, if we have a tariff of few ones gentle to use a month, it is possible that one exhausts us before finishing the above mentioned period. To make use to the maximum of our information tariff, next, we are going to see 10 simple tricks with which we can save information in our tariffs limited to be able to come perfectly at the end of enclosed month with the most limited tariffs.

Advices to avoid to remain without information for surprise in a smartphone Android

Android is the operating system most used in mobile devices. We are going to give a series of advices to reduce the information consumption. The target is to prevent from becoming exhausted the tariff that we have employed and that we could remain throw without possibility of communicating or that the connection works very limited.

To use the points of access Wi-Fi whenever it is possible

For defect, when we disconnect ourselves of a network Wi-Fi, Android will get connected automatically to the mobile network to be still connected, allowing to the applications to go out to Internet and generate traffic.

If we want to avoid to generate an unnecessary expense of our tariff of information, we must insure ourselves of that the smartphone gets connected to networks Wi-Fi whenever it is possible, for example, on having come to house or to some place with a point of access to which we have already previously got connected.

For this, generally we must not form anything, simply leave the burning Wi-Fi so that it is the proper device the one that chooses the best network.

It is necessary to bear in mind that nowadays it is very easy to find networks Wi-Fi in any place. They are in spaces much met by users, as there can be stations, airports, shopping centers … Insurance that in our place of work, study or where we spend many hours there is some available network of that we can make use and this way save information of our tariff.

To verify the Android adjustments

From the menu of configuration of Android it is possible to restrict the Internet use in the background to certain applications. This way, while we have the subdued screen the applications will not be able to get connected to Internet, although, when we light it, they all will establish connection to be updated.

We must be careful with these options since if, for example, we block the connection in the background to WhatsApp we will stop receiving notifications with the subdued screen.

To form a consumption alarm

Android allows us to control the consumption of our information so that, on having reached certain limit, the mobile information is blocked, very usefully for the tariffs that receive the information excess.

If we do not want to block the use of information, also we can form several alarms (for example, on having reached 80 % of the tariff and on having exhausted it completely) so that we could know if one month we have made an excessive use of her and to avoid surprises when it lowers the speed before month end.

This advice is very interesting. Sometimes we can start seeing a video for YouTube or any similar platform and do it in the maximum quality. That might mean that concerning minutes we complete big part of the tariff of information. We might take an unpleasant surprise if we see that suddenly the tariff has become exhausted. What we can do is to create this alert that we have mentioned and this way to cut the consumption if it was necessary.

To restrict the use of information in the background to certain applications

If we do not want to erase a certain application, but this one consumes too much information, we can use the Android options to block the use of information of this application in the background. Also, some Android versions are provided with a species of Firewall that allows us to block any connectivity of certain applications to the mobile network, allowing only to get connected across Wi-Fi, the other way round and even to prevent completely the application from going out to the network.

The fire-break not only is going to act to protect us in the network and to avoid insecure connections, but also it can be interesting to avoid to consume a lot of information. For example we can block the files increase to the cloud and that only is available when we are connected to a network Wi-Fi.

We must synchronize the lists of reproduction

If we use our device to listen to music or to see videos we will see how the applications that more they consume with Spotify, Google Play Music and YouTube.

If the space of internal storage of our device allows it, it is advisable to unload all this content so that, when we are going to listen to the music or to see a video, we could do it without spending several tens of gentle in unloading it. This way we will be able to make use of these moments in which we have an available Wi-Fi and load the whole content to see it later without need to have Internet connection.

Not to rise nor to synchronize photos, videos and other files with Internet

The tariffs of mobile information do not distinguish between increase and lowered, for what so much to send files to Internet as to lower them of the network will spend gentle of our tariff. For it, just as we must insure ourselves of having the files synchronized to be able to use them offline if we need them, we must avoid to send information to Internet nor synchronize information through the network mobile.

If we use synchronization services as Google Photos or Google Drive, we must form them so that only they synchronize the information when we are connected to a network Wi-Fi. It is another intelligent measurement to manage to reduce the information consumption.

To share photos, videos and other things only for Bluetooth

Due to applications as WhatsApp, we usually share photos, videos and other contents with our users across Internet. To send many photos across these platforms can generate a much raised expense of the tariff of information, therefore, if we have to send a little some friend, the best option, as we were doing formerly, it is to do it across Bluetooth.

But it is necessary to have especially taken care with the automatic configuration to unload videos and photos in this type of platforms of instantaneous courier service. Not only it consists of reducing what we send, but also what we receive. We can form it so that only it unloads this information by means of Wi-Fi.

To deactivate the automatic applications update

The shop of applications of Google, Play Store, it usually updates the applications installed in the device as soon as they are available. This can suppose that, only with an update, we could spend all our information tariff. To avoid it, it is advisable to form our smartphone so that only it unloads these updates when we are connected to a network Wi-Fi.

The best thing in this case is to form our Android so that only it updates the applications when we are connected to a network Wi-Fi and with the smartphone connected to the electric current.

To identify and to eliminate the applications that more information consumes

It is possible that some applications consume too much information, and this can be the reason for which, without wanting it, we remain without information before it finishes the invoicing period and the tariff is renewed.

From the menu of adjustments of Android, in the paragraph of use of information, we will be able to see the applications that more they consume, being able to know in what they have gone away ours gentle and, if the application is not essential, to eliminate it of the device.

To use certain applications like the navigators GPS or the games offline, after having unloaded the information from a network Wi-Fi

Finally, there are some applications as the games or the navigators GPS who need a continuous connection to Internet since from there they unload maps, resources or any other content, consuming many gentle in a very little time. To prevent this from happening we must avoid to use these applications or, of doing it, insuring ourselves of that the information can unburden itself to be able to be used offline, without having to unload constantly this information of the mobile network.

Following these 10 simple steps, our information tariff us will last more and we will be able to come in order month without problems even with the most limited information plans. We remember that the speed tests from mobile networks can go so far as to spend more than gentle 100 in only a few seconds, therefore it is advisable not to use them from these networks.

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