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5. Benefits of Article Marketing and Tips for Writing Good Articles

The secret weapon to success is by the planning. For that you should know the required steps and what should be avoided. It can help immeasurably to have reliable information about ways to get to where you would like to go. Allow me to share some advantages of article marketing that can help you to reach your goals. Using these suggestions will give you an edge and will raise your possibilities of success.

When you are promoting your website by means of article marketing, you'll discover it is important that you do things right. Failing to do so may lead to unfortunate final results. Therefore, you need to hire SEO Company that has firm grip and understanding of article marketing. The main reason to hire SEO Company is that the SEO experts have in depth information about writing good articles.

Listed here are tips for writing good articles.

Select a good topic

You should probably select a good topic because it reaches your niche customers by giving them the complete information that they can need. Do a little research, see what is of interest. Write on subjects that are closely related to your business. So, don’t disregard this important pointer!

Don't write extensively long articles

Remember that the attention span of Internet users is significantly less than the attention span of a regular book reader. If you get boring, you lose your audience. Article marketing can certainly be considered a form of advertising. You need to clearly know that this is vital. It can help to drive traffic to your website.

Use the slang of the niche you're addressing to

If you target a specific audience close, so make sure you know the buzzwords in the industry. Do your homework and let your readers know that you know what you mean. This will help to persuade them that you are the expert, and gain more credibility and, of course, and the increase in traffic.

Write original content

Lastly, when you are promoting your website by means of article marketing you will need to make sure you write original content. This may help you gain notoriety and respect, which is certainly a large part of article writing.

6. How Google Crawl the Content of your AJAX?

Search engine optimizers have experienced a dilemma in the past. In this post I will show how to use Google Ajax Crawl able proposed to allow Google to examine that your AJAX webpage improved and show examples of sites that already use. AJAX is excellent for users but not so good for search engines. Webpage that utilize AJAX to load the content page can be much faster and provide better user experience, but these sites can be challenging or extremely hard for Google to index, and using AJAX can harm the website.

Fortunately, Google has presented a proposal on how administrators can get the best of both worlds. Google has made this suggestion a year ago I do not think that has drawn much attention whether it would be particularly useful for SEO. This post is addressed to people that I have not explored the proposal for indexing by Google AJAX again - I try to be brief and not too technical!

Historically, developers have used the named anchor of the URL for AJAX-powered web sites. This is the 'hash' sign, #, and the following text. Instead of using a hash, #, the new proposal requires the use of a hash table and an exclamation mark: #! The #! combination has sometimes been called by the people hash bang geek than me, I like the sound of that word, so I am with him.

When you use the hash bang in a URL, Google understands that you are following its protocol, and interpret your URLs in a special way. They will take anything after the detonation of hash, and send it to the place as a URL parameter instead. The name parameter is used for: _escaped_fragment_

Then Google will rewrite the URL, and content of the request for static pages. To show that the URL has changed look, here are some examples:

www.demo.com/#!seattle/hotels becomes www.demo.com/?_escaped_fragment=seattle/hotels www.demo.com/users#!name=rob becomes www.demo.com/users?_escaped_fragment_=name=rob

As long as you can get the static page (right URL in these examples) to see the same content as the user does not see (in the URL to the left), it works precisely as prepared.

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