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Browser War: Growing Threat of Google Chrome

The beginning of Google Chrome in mid-2008 has cracked in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer now records for less than 50 percent of total browser, down from its peak of 88 percent in 2003. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not the only one spray of Chrome, Firefox, which is the most popular desktop browser, is also feeling the effects of the popularity of Chrome. However, the increase of chromium is affecting Mozilla Firefox, which stood at 30 percent of the market since last May.

Mozilla has shown that in 2008 brought in $ 79 million of earnings from ads that appear when you use Google, Yahoo or eBay search box or download the Google Toolbar. Things change as Mozilla successful long-term deal for advertising with Google will expire in 2011, and it does not appear that they intend to renew it. In fact, it seems that Mozilla is in collaboration with Microsoft.

Google Chrome is certainly justifying the investment of this additional income. Why Chrome should spend for the referrals when it can provide them up for no cost within Chrome? I went with Mozilla's browser, Firefox for years. For me it was more stable and more secure than Internet Explorer. Early this year, I started using Chrome and have been happy with its overall functionality. Chrome is fast, stable, and now my default browser on my system.

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